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Cornerstone Horsemanship

There are no short cuts, no quick fixes and no equipment that make your horse perfect. Here at Cornerstone Horsemanship we believe "It takes the time it takes". Building a life long partnership with our horses is a journey, a passion and time well spent in the saddle.

Private Lessons
Cornerstone Horsemanship is available to do private lessons Monday thru Thursday. Private lessons are available for training sessions for you and your horse, haul into our facility or we will travel to you.

Ranch Versatility  
Our ranch Versatility classes cover all 4 classes of the American Stock Horse Association. We work first with Pleasure, the pleasure class is the building block of all the other classes, showing your horse is a pleasure to ride with smooth, soft, and efficient transition. Trail is designed to show you horse can efficiently handle obstacles that would be found in a ranch environment. Reining, is your ranch horse willingly guided and can perform many basic handling maneuvers. Cowhorse, this class will show your horse's ability to control a cow. Each class builds on the next, building a good foundation will take you and your horse to higher levels of performance.

Vaquero Horsemanship
We take great pride caring on the traditions of vaquero horsemanship building California style Bridle horses. In this honored tradition we take our horses through the process of learning the hackamore discipline, the two rein, then straight up in the bridle. 

Cattle Classes
We are excited to offer cattle classes for ages and levels. Our cattle classes are for anyone wanting to introduce themselves or their horse to cattle or brush up on your skills this is the place to do it! Our cow classes help build confidence in your horses and teach lines and positions to dominate your cow.

Full Care Boarding
Cornerstone Stables is a small private boarding facility that offers full care boarding, horses have their own individual stalls and pastures. We are dedicated to giving our horses the best care possible and we believe in treating every horse like it is our own. Please contact Sara at 360-600-9566 for more information about boarding your horse.