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Here at Cornerstone our love for our family and our animals keeps us strong and thriving. We are in the "relationship" business, our clients whether human or equine are not just a dollar sign they are our extended family. We care for each horse as if it is our own and we care for each of our clients like you are part of our family. At Cornerstone this is our home, this is our life and we invite you to join us, be part of an amazing horse family and travel with us on our horse journey.

Sara started her love of horses early in life at 11 years old. Her Mom Randi thought this would just be a phase, 30 years later it sure wasn't just a phase, it turned into a passion and a way of life. This passion took Sara down many roads to find who she is as a trainer and as a person. Her journey lead her to study the old ways of building the bridle horses, the most versatile ranch horse. No short cuts, no gimmicks just good horsemanship and lots of time in the saddle is all you need to build a willing lasting horse partner.

"I get the pleasure of working with great people and great horses. I get asked to fix horses with "issues" or "problem horses" most of these horses are not problem horses they are horses with people problems. The most fullfilling part of my work is teaching the horse owner how to work in harmony with their horse. It's your journey, its your relationship, its you that has to become a better horseman."

Sara and her wife Cassie run the day to day operations at the stables with the support of our amazing family. Our "feed ladie" as we affectionately call her, Mom Randi, care for each horse like its their own kids. Handy man "Pops" is our go to guy for hay moving, farm maintenance and any thing else we can talk him into. Hannah, our daughter is our full of life, full of love, 13 year old that keeps us all on our toes and truly the greatest blessing to our farm. Together we work hard, we play hard and we love this life.